Online Masterclasses

Online masterclasses launched

Each week, Maxim Vengerov shares up to four live and newly pre-recorded online lessons with violinists, violists and chamber music groups from around the world every week.

Free to view, every Wednesday at 6pm Paris time zone, we will stream new online masterclasses from partnering music institutions. And every Saturday at 6pm Paris time zone, the Lottery Ticket masterclasses will be shown.

For more information on the students, repertoire and biographies, go to the SCHEDULES section on this Live Masterclasses page. 

Lottery Ticket online masterclasses

This is open to anyone in the world. Violinists, violists and chamber music groups can sign up to have a free online lesson with Maxim Vengerov. You can connect from wherever you are and bring any repertoire or technical issue you have.

4 Lottery Ticket participants or chamber music groups will be chosen each month through an electronic lottery system.

Each week, Maxim Vengerov will stream a Lottery Ticket online lesson, free to view, each Saturday at 6pm CET. 

Online masterclass schedule

Emiliano Moreno Salazar
2021-09-11 14:00 (Europe/Paris)
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Francisco Vidal Rivera González
2021-09-18 14:00 (Europe/Paris)
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Angélica Olivo
2021-10-09 14:00 (Europe/Paris)
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